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Oak Tan Minnesota

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Oak Tan

(651) 501-3684

7093 10th Street North
Oakdale, MN 55128

Free Tan

Free Tan, text OAKTAN to 651.390.5330

Receive a FREE tan when you text OAKTAN to 651.390.5330


Guests of Oak Tan are provided with:

  • Deep cleaned and efficiently serviced equipment
  • Consistently changed lamps
  • A wide array of tanning equipment catering to the needs of both the new or experienced tanner

Our Equipment

– While other salons consider the Tropical an upgrade, Oak Tan offers it as an entry level bed. The Tropical features thirty-one 100 watt VHR lamps plus 10 spaghetti facial lamps under a frosted acrylic tanning surface for optimum UV dispersion and a noticeably superior, even tan. [15 Minute Maximum]

Sundazzler – The Sundazzler offers an unbeatable uniform tan from 46 high output Cosmolux VHR lamps that surround the tanner.  A 41” wide double door as well as built in cooling and stereo make this the ultimate Stand Up System. [10 Minute Maximum]

Lotus – The Lotus is “true” medium-pressure tanning at its best. Three 400 watt facial lamps provide deep, gentle tanning while forty 160 watt VHR body lamps give you smooth, even color from head to toe. An onboard A/C system assures a relaxing comfortable session every time. [12 Minute Maximum]

Ovation 6400 – Featuring a MP3 port, dedicated shoulder tanners, four 500 watt high-pressure facial lamps along with forty-four 160 watt Rave body bulbs in a wrap around shell, the Ovation 6400 is the new standard in medium-pressure tanning. The Ovation 6400 will give you the rich, even tan you’re looking for. Oak Tan is proud to provide its tanners with the first Ovation 6400 in the state! [12 Minute Maximum]

Sunboard XTT – The Sunboard XTT is the first open-sided, high-pressure tanning system. It features 24 high-pressure Heraeus lamps under frosted acrylic for smooth, even ray dispersion. An on-board, multi-control air shower provides a comfortable tanning climate. [15 Minute Maximum]

P90 Combo – Offering unequalled comfort with an on-demand cooling mist and individual intensity controls for face and body, the P90 Combo is by far the most advanced tanning system in town. High-pressure facial and should lamps combined with 12 high-pressure and twenty 120 watt VHR lamps for the body ensure you get a deep, rich tan. Oak Tan provides the only P90 Combo in Minnesota. [12 Minute Maximum]

P90 Mattress – Four levels of facial intensity, three levels of body intensity, Quadruple Breeze misting system, and a cushy mattress provide ultimate tanning comfort in this ultimate tanning bed. Enjoy a relaxing escape while you get the perfect tan. [22 Minute Maximum]

Mystic Tan - The Mystic Tan™ UV-Free tanning booth uses a touch-free, spray-on tanning technique that creates an even, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds. The tanner simply disrobes in a private room, enters the booth and presses the start button. After 60 seconds, they step out, towel off, and leave complete with an instant tan.